The Circuit Death: Shane Hall’s unique musical outlet

The Circuit Death is an electronic-pop solo project for artist Shane Hall, based out of Seattle Washington. Despite spending his younger years playing heavy music with friends throughout Colorado, Hall has found a way to continue his passion for music well into his adulthood.

“The Circuit Death basically came about from a need for a creative outlet when I wasn’t really able to write music and play it live with others anymore,” Hall said. “After having a band through high school and my early 20s, I was at a point about five years ago where I had settled down with a family and the idea of having a band, practicing, playing local venues, just didn’t feel very practical anymore.”

Music was always important to Hall, even from an early age. But he wasn’t in it just to copy popular songs or to mimic what other people were doing, he wanted to craft music of his own.

“From the point that I first picked up a guitar around 13 or 14, I always wanted to write my own stuff,” Hall said. “Other kids were learning how to play ‘Stairway to Heaven’ or whatever, and I was just too busy making stuff up to care. When people learned I played guitar and sang they always asked if I could play this song or that song, and the answer was almost always ‘no’. But I just had this obsession with songwriting, and eventually became brave enough to share it. To me, that’s the joy of it. Just the idea that I could create something, pour so much of my emotion into it, and maybe it will mean something to someone else too. That’s a cool feeling.”

Hall grew up listening to bands like The Chariot, Norma Jean, and Every Time I Die, and his early music projects reflected that sound. Although The Circuit Death is a far cry from the music he made in his early 20s, it was all that he had to work with at his current stage in life.

“It started partially out of necessity, since I don’t currently have a good set up for recording live instruments,” Hall said. “But at the same time I was becoming more interested in the genre. I love the atmospheres it can create. From 80s throwback vibes, to bubbly pop songs, to brooding futuristic sounds, there’s so much to work with. Bands like Chvrches and Broods really got me into it more in recent years. I’ve been listening to Lights for a long time, she’s such a fantastic song writer. ”

shane hall

This certainly is the case for Hall’s music, as his songs can range from an almost glam-rock feel, to an atmospheric and unsettling sound. Throughout the assortments of  layered electronics , his voice provides a unique and emotion-filled contrast. His hardcore roots certainly show in the track “The Empty Threat“, as he uses more abrasive sounds and closes the song with a beat resembling a hardcore breakdown.

Hall may no longer have the free time he once had to practice and perform in a group act like he did years ago, but he has no plans on stopping The Circuit Death any time soon.

“I’m hoping to put together an EP here in the next year or so,” Hall said. “It would just be digital, but I definitely want it to be something cohesive, and not just a new song trickling out every few months.”

The Circuit Death has a handful of songs streaming on Soundcloud right now, with a full EP on the horizon.


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