Interview: Lee Buford of The Body

The Body is primarily a two-piece experimental band featuring vocalist and guitarist Chip King and drummer Lee Buford. The Body pushes the boundaries of music in ways rarely seen, and because of that, they tend to be quite an acquired taste. While they could be pigeonholed into the metal genre, their music often toes the line of what could almost be considered cult pop. I talked with Buford, who gave me some insight into the band and what the future holds for them.

Nick Stephens: The Body has been around since 1999 with no real signs of slowing down. What drives you guys to continue making music and touring?

Lee Buford: I don’t know. Me and Chip are best friends and hang out everyday, so playing music is pretty easy. It’s just another thing we do together.

NS: One of the most unique things about your band is Chip King’s vocals. Is that a sound that he’s had since day one of the band or did that sort of evolve as you guys progressed?

LB: It’s kind of evolved. Chip had a kinda different style when I first met him, but the band he was in before The Body was pretty much the same.


NS: You have released a lot of music over the years, including a handful of full length albums and splits. Has there been one of them that you like particularly more than the rest?

LB: I think my favorite releases in a somewhat order are: The Manic Fire, No One Deserves Happiness, The Body/Krieg collaboration, RSD 2017 7-inch, I Shall Die Here, The second Full of Hell collaboration, All The Waters, and Christs, Redeemers.

NS: From previous interviews I’ve read, you seem to draw a lot of influence from pop music. How come the music you take in, comes out so dark and unsettling in the music you create?

LB: I think we like pop because being on tour so much you play with similar bands, so when you get back in the van you want a reprieve from that. It’s also the music me and Chip agree on the most, and I think a lot of pop music now is pretty dark.

Photo by Angela Owens

NS: I was able to see you guys on tour not too long ago, and you guys had dropped the drum kit in favor of electronics. Is that a permanent move, or do you plan to go back to the more acoustic drum sounds for your music?

LB: The last tour we did with Warning we played guitars and drums. I think it just depends on what we’re feeling and, more importantly, what vehicle we’re traveling in.

NS: Do you have any releases our tours planned for this year?

LB: Oh yeah. We’ve got a new full length coming out in May called, “I Have Fought Against It, But I Can’t Any Longer” and a bunch of stuff that hasn’t been announced yet.

You can find music from The Body on Bandcamp, Spotify, and YouTube.


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