Interview: Josh Landes of Limbs Bin

Limbs Bin, also known as Josh Landes, is a noise artist based out of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. His songs can range from just a few short seconds to more than ten minutes long. Combining harsh yells with blasting electronics, Limbs Bin isn’t always a comfortable listen, but he certainly evokes emotion one way or another. He […]

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Interview: Endorphins Lost

Endorphins Lost is a Powerviolence/Grind/Punk band primarily based out of Seattle, Washington. Starting back in 2010, they’ve dropped numerous albums and toured all around the world. Endorphins Lost is unique in that their music is based on pure emotion. It’s dark, extreme, uncomfortable, but ultimately honest. Their goal isn’t to create the heaviest breakdowns, but […]

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Interview: Lee Buford of The Body

The Body is primarily a two-piece experimental band featuring vocalist and guitarist Chip King and drummer Lee Buford. The Body pushes the boundaries of music in ways rarely seen, and because of that, they tend to be quite an acquired taste. While they could be pigeonholed into the metal genre, their music often toes the […]

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